Phase I Renovation

Sustain Wayne made great progress throughout the summer of 2018 in its efforts to save and renovate the historic Hall on the edge of the Mill Pond. There are exciting developments to share with our supporters and the entire community.

The most pressing concern, and one that threatens the very structural integrity of the Hall, is a rotten sill along the North side. Years of erosion and snowmelt have significantly weakened those timbers, now making building entry unsafe.

Those familiar with the building know that it appears to sit in a hole, but that’s not really the case. Historic photos show the Hall level with the surrounding grade. It has not recessed over the years. In fact, the massive granite foundation is as solid has the day it was laid.

The Hall’s sunken appearance was caused by clean fill around the building that created the depression and a damaging water-runoff pattern that has ruined the sill.

Phase I of the renovation will include jacking up the building, pouring a new concrete foundation, and bringing it back down about four feet higher than its current situation. The height increase will also bring it out of the flood zone (to 286’ above sea level). The fine granite pieces will be repurposed for pathways, a retaining wall on the Southeast side of the building, and to complete the perimeter of an old foundation, creating tiered terraces that will act as a filtration system for storm water runoff.

In April, we were awarded a $50,000 Community Development Block Grand from the Maine Office of Community and Economic Development. The money will go towards façade improvements including exterior painting, historic wooden window repair, and roof repair and repainting. Up to $20,000 of the grant may be put toward the foundation work.

Sustain Wayne has briefed both the Town Selectboard and Planning Board on the Phase I plans. We have consulted with the DEP and have applied for Permit by Rule approval.

As of nearly November, we are about $80,000 short of our Phase I goal. This is a critical first step toward our total vision for the building, one that will ensure structural integrity for future generations and allow occupancy and continued evolution of Wayne’s last historic industrial space. All donations are tax deductible (check with your accountant) and your gift can make a lasting impact on our beloved town.

Inspired Renderings

Sustain Wayne is proud to share the hand-drawn artwork of Brian Kent, community planner and principal of Kent Associates.

Brian has been a valuable resource to the Board over the past couple of years. Last summer he interviewed business owners, residents and Town officials in preparing a visual downtown plan that considered traffic flow, pedestrian safety and the use of public spaces. That plan, which was helpful in putting the Hall project potential in a broader village context, was presented to the public in a visioning session at the Ladd Center last November and subsequently added to the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

This summer Brian turned his creative attention to the Hall itself, creating a series of detailed architectural sketches of the interior and exterior. He has laid out a roadmap for the renovation, including placement of decks and terraces, elevator shafts and staircases, parking spaces and access ramps.

Brian’s additions were incorporated into the original 3D animation and walkthrough, created two years ago by DG Media Arts, to create an inspiring and realistic vision of the renovation project.